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3 beautiful cycling routes in the south of Le Marche

Le Marche is sometimes called 'Italy's best kept secret'. This applies not least to the number and diversity of cycling routes that await you here.

There are simple cycle routes for those who want a relaxing trip, you can cycle (almost) along the entire coast and there is also plenty of choice of cycle tours for cyclists and mountain bikers who want a bit more of a challenge.

the 5 most beautiful cycling routes in the southern marche

© photos: Marco Biancucci for Cantina dei Colli Ripani

I wrote this blog for Ciao Tutti, thank you Saskia for your trust!

Lilian from Casa Torre shares three special cycling routes in the south of Le Marche in this blog. Her partner Pepijn has been cycling from their holiday home in Ripatransone, in the province of Ascoli Piceno, for over ten years and she shares his favorite route, among other things. Andiamo?!

Cycling along the Adriatic Sea from Cupra Marittima to Porto Ascoli

We start with a route along the beach. Lilian: 'This cycle route of approximately fifteen kilometers runs entirely along the Adriatic coast. From Cupra Marittima you cycle along the beach promenades of beautiful seaside resorts such as Grottammare and San Benedetto del Tronto.

The entire route is flat and therefore suitable for a cycling tour with the whole family. The cycle path mainly runs between the train tracks and the beach, so you are hardly bothered by car traffic. You have to pay attention to pedestrians, who can cross the cycle path on the way to the beach.

Don't forget to stop at one of the many beach bars along the way for a delicious cup of coffee, lunch and/or gelato or relax on the beach for a dip in the sea.

After a break you can also cycle back from Porto Ascoli to Cupra Marittima. Via the well-known route but from a new perspective!

You can find the details via this link of this cycling route on Komoot. For young children, two fifteen kilometers can be just too much. If your legs are really too tired, you can also take the train back to Cupra Marittima from Porto Ascoli.

Didn't you bring your own bicycle on holiday? That's no problem. In Cupra Marittima you can go to Carlitos Bike (on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 89) rent bicycles in all sizes and designs. Booking in advance is recommended, you can email them at or call via 0039-0735779545.

From Ripatransone through the interior of Le Marche

Ripatransone is located almost five hundred meters above sea level. Every time we drive there, which is quite a climb by car, I am amazed at the many cyclists who conquer this mountain.

You can reach Ripatransone in six different ways, from the sea side or from inland. Whichever route you choose, you will always be rewarded with beautiful views over the rolling landscape of Le Marche.

Ripatransone is rightly one of the seven most beautiful balconi, balcony villages with beautiful views, of the Le Marche region.

The most beautiful route you can take on the pedals from Ripatransone, according to Pepijn, is this cycle route for the experienced cyclist, of approximately fifty-four kilometers, with Ripatransone as the start and end point.

The route passes through a number of characteristic villages with great views, such as Massignano, Montefiore dell'Aso (one of the borghi più belli d'Italia), Carassai, Montalto delle Marche and Cassignano.< /p>

Beautiful, sometimes long climbs, which never become very steep, alternate with spectacular descents, where the roads are not always in top condition. Well-checked brakes are therefore not an unnecessary luxury, but really necessary.

Along the way you enjoy the view over olive groves, vast sunflower fields and rows of vines, with here and there tranquil villages that seem to cling to the top of the hills. But even in the smallest village you will find a coffee bar, where you can refuel among the locals.

If you are not (yet) a well-trained cyclist, don't let that stop you from enjoying this tour. At CiClicco at Via Montegrappa 94-96 in Grottamare you can also Rent e-bikes, which makes it a lot easier to conquer the hills.

Vreccia e Vi’ – gravel and wine

This year, the Vreccia e Vi' cycling round, gravel and wine, was organized in Ripatransone in July. Because this was an immediate success, the round will take place again next year, but of course you can also go out yourself at other times of the year.

Vreccia e Vi' is a challenging route for gravel and mountain bikers, with quite a few elevation meters. You can find the route of almost thirty-five kilometers via this link.

Even more cycling routes in the south of Le Marche

On the Komoot profile of Casa Torre you will find many more routes in this region, enough for years of cycling pleasure!

Tirreno Adriatico

Are you planning to go on holiday to Le Marche in early spring? The famous cycling tour Tirreno Adriatico will be held in March. The cyclists also come to Ripatransone. Very nice to encourage the participants together with the locals!'

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